All the answers to this quiz are vehicles and all are animals names or insects, see how many you can think of, and maybe even a different answer than I have.



Sly Animal

Majestic White Bird

Makes Honey

Resembles a large deer

Happy Bird

Wild Horse

Small Horse

Spotted Horse

Little Boy Horse



Stinging Insect

Huge Circling Black Bird

Angry Bee



Noisy Bug

Answers Below:

Bug - Beetle

Snake - Cobra

Sly Animal - Fox  

Majestic White Bird - White Eagle

Makes Honey - Honey Bee

Resembles a large deer - Impala

Happy Bird- Lark

Wild Horse - Mustang

Small Horse - Pony

Spotted Horse - Pinto

Little Boy Horse - Colt

Bunny - Rabbit

Fur - Sable

Stinging Insect - Wasp

Huge Circling Black Bird - Black Hawk

Angry Bee - Hornet

Dog - Greyhound

Large Black Cat - Panther

Noisy Bug - Cricket