Jo Ann J Lovelace
Beefalo: Falling beef prices

Boar: A dull person

Bovine: A wreath with a bow

Brood: Pouting

Buck: One dollar

Burro: A hole in the ground

Chicken Feed: A Saturday night barbecue

Chicken Pen: Feather used for writing

Cheeper: Not high in price

Dairy: Where memoirs are written

Doe: Money

Farrier: A much sunnier day

Fawn: Liking someone real well

Filly: A town in Pennsylvania

Foal: What is done to laundry

Fowl: Made in baseball games

Greyhound: A bus

Leek: What happens when a roof has a hole in it

Litter: A mess found along the highways

Llama: An expensive pair of boots

Long horn: A saxophone

Poultry: Words that rhyme

Quarter horse: The horse sitting in front of Wal-Mart

Rein: Wet weather

Stirrup: Stir frying

Pair of chaps: Two fellows

Pullet: What the dentist recommends for a toothache

Sorghum: What folks get when they get a tooth pulled

Stock: A place to invest money

Tennessee Walker: A Tennessean going for a stroll