By Roy E. & Jo Ann J. Lovelace

Dad was gone in the morning before you were awake,
He had to go to work there was a living to make.
He tiptoed into your room without making a peep,
And watched you for a moment as you lay there asleep.
He swore that you had grown a bunch just from the night before,
And said in just a few more weeks you'd be a baby no more.
He kissed you on the forehead and softly whispered goodbye,
Saying bless you my little one as a tear came to his eye.

And when you were a little older you learned how to fish and bait,
But you wanted your fish in a bowl, not on your dinner plate.
You threw flat rocks in the water, it was fun to make them skip,
All tuckered out when you got home from such a big fishing trip.
Dad took you out on a hike it was an adventurous trip to share,
You saw rabbits, squirrels and dinosaurs that were not even there.
You learned how to mark a trail so you could find your way back,
You became quite a woodmans, you even learned how to track.
Dad took you to the carnival you rode the merry go round,
Those horses were the best steeds that ever could be found.
You imagined you were riding fast out on the western trail,
You'd get your message to the fort, you knew you would not fail.
The years went by so very fast and just like that you were grown,
You had graduated high school, ready to make it on your own.
He's always been very proud of you, he's still proud of you today,
He's proud of the person that you are, you can always hear him say.

Copyright ©  2001  Roy and Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.