Jo Ann J. Lovelace

When I was just a little tike,
Daddy taught me how to ride a trike.
He taught me how to tie my shoe,
and all the things I shouldn't do.
He taught me how to saw a plank,
to always listen and stop to think.
He taught me how to plaster and paint,
and never to use the words I can't.
He taught me how to drive a nail,
and how to get a ship to sail.
He taught me how to mow the yard,
that I could go far by working hard.
He taught me how not to waste,
and always do things in good taste.
He taught me how to catch a fish,
and I could become whatever I wish.
I remember all the things to me Dad told,
and understand well now that I'm old.
The growing up years were the best I had,
because of the lessons I learned from Dad.

Copyright © 1998  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.