By Roy & Jo Ann Lovelace

I figured out this thing called e-mail,
all I gotta do is click on send.
So, thought I would say howdy,
and find out how you've been.
Grandma jumped into a chair,
she just saw a little mouse.
The humidity is so high here,
that it's raining in the house.
Last week I mowed the yard,
and was going to trim the rest.
But before I could get it done,
I run over a bumblebee's nest.
Now it's needless to say,
it made them madder than heck.
I bet there was near a million,
and they stung me on the neck.
I sat there pulling stingers,
for at least an hour or more.
and a Blue Jay attacked me
as I started in the door.
The groundhog's digging holes,
he dug them all over the place.
and yesterday I fell in one,
went in plum up to my face.
The Ravens have this place covered,
and they're bigger than any hen.
My neighbor has been accusing me,
of letting my chickens out of the pen.
The neighbor's dog was being chased,
by what he swore was a great big rat.
I told him it was just a Possum,
but no way he was believing that.
Grandma was sitting under a tree,
where she thought it would be cool.
A tick leaped right up on her arm,
and she jumped into the pool.
Then this big ole horsefly,
chased me all over the yard.
Grandma said you better out run him,
'Cause them rascals do bite hard.
I was getting ready to milk the cow,
and that's when I saw the swarm.
There was a thousand mosquitoes,
and they all bit me on the arm.
But you sure can't beat country living,
with all it's beauty and it's charm.
They ain't nothing more rewarding,
than living right here on this farm.
Well, I guess I'd better get going,
since there's nothing more to say.
Y'all take good care of yourselves,
And I'll call you on your birthday.

Copyright © 2001, Roy and Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.