By Roy & Jo Ann Lovelace

We've taxed what you eat and taxed what you wear,
we've taxed the blow dryer that dries your hair.
We've taxed all the money that you make,
and we've even taxed your birthday cake.

We've taxed your shoes and taxed your socks,
we've even taxed your chair that rocks.
We've taxed your telephone and taxed your cable,
we've even taxed your dining room table.

We've taxed the water, we've taxed the milk,
we've taxed your tie that's made from silk.
We've taxed your car, we've taxed gasoline,
we've even put a tax on Vaseline.

We've taxed thread that mends and glue that seals,
we've even taxed your vitamin pills.
We've taxed sugar and we've taxed salt,
we've taxed your burger and taxed your malt.

We've taxed paper and we've taxed pens,
we've put a tax on staying at Inns.
We've taxed your land where you walk,
we've taxed pencils and we've taxed chalk.

We've taxed coffee and we've taxed tea,
we've taxed vacations out on the sea.
We've taxed fishing rods and taxed your boat,
we've taxed your farm and taxed your goat.

We've taxed fly swatters and taxed the mouse trap,
we taxed your gloves and taxed your cap.
And if you should disagree to any extent,
we'll then raise your taxes thirty percent.

We've tax your coffee pot and your kitchen sink,
we've even taxed your internet link.
We've taxed your cake and taxed your pie,
we'll even tax you when you die.

We've taxed your shirt and we've taxed your boots,
we've taxed your hat and taxed your suits.
We've taxed all we can find here and there,
and now we're going to tax the breathing of air.

Copyright © 2002  Roy and Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.