By Jo Ann J. Lovelace

The cat that came to our barn,
she just showed up one day.
And what a pretty cat she was,
she just decided she would stay.
We asked around the neighborhood,
was sure that she had a home.
And wondered what the reason was,
from there that she would roam.
No one knew where she came from,
so she stayed on our farm.
She liked the horses and the dogs,
and loved living in our barn.
Charlie really loved the barn,
it was her favorite place.
But on very rare occasions,
at the window we saw her face.
She would come in for a visit,
with us a little time she spent.
But it wasn't very long at all,
until back to the barn she went.
The cat that came to our barn,
we knew was getting old.
The problems she had years later,
she's more than twenty we were told.
We can't do anything for old age,
we were told by the vet.
But the cat that came to our barn,
was a very special pet.

Copyright © 2001 Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.