By Roy & Jo Ann Lovelace

Hey there partner,
It's time to get up.
Grab yourself some Java,
And bring along your cup.
The alarm sounds at five,
You roll out of that bed.
Run out and feed the horses,
Ma's baking the bread.
Then it's back to the barn,
`Cause we've gotta clean the stalls.
I'm here to tell you right now,
Ain't like working in them Malls.
There's waterers to be cleaned,
And there's floors to be swept.
We've got us a timetable,
And it's gotta be kept.
We've got feed to unload,
We've got hay to git in.
We've got post holes to dig,
Got fences to mend.
We've got horses to groom,
We've gotta clean their feet.
We've gotta get the grain ready,
'Cause it's time for them to eat.
 I reckon we'll finish this up,
 Sometime along about ten.
 Ma's cooking dumplings,
 And a big ole fat hen.
Now Son if it's a cowboy,
That you're wanting to be.
You shore can learn a lot,
Staying here working for me.

Copyright ©  2001  Roy and Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.