There were big farm houses,
with porches all the way around.
Swimming pools were creeks,
Not like today, put in the ground.

Swings were old tires,
that hung from a tree.
Bathrooms were outside,
and some would seat three.
Milk came in glass bottles,
was delivered to the door.
Some owned a milk cow,
and milking was their chore.
Homemade biscuits and gravy,
and a big chuck of ham.
Butter with blackberry jelly,
sometimes strawberry jam.
Clothes washed in a tub,
hung on clotheslines to dry.
Chickens caught on Sunday,
just the right size to fry.
Irons were heated on stoves,
Then the clothes were ironed.
Patches were put on knees,
and socks had to be darned.
There was land to plow,
and a garden to plant.
Canning to be done,
and a barn to paint.
Hay to be cut,
and put in a bale.
Water to be carried,
to the house in a pail.
One room school houses,
first to eighth grade in a pack.
Sausage on biscuits,
carried to school in a sack.
Kids did all their chores,
and helped Grandma too.
Lent a hand to the neighbors,
did the best they could do.
Sundays were for going,
to church and Sunday School.
Where everyone was taught,
about God and the Golden Rule.
There's a lot to be said,
for those good old days.
Things were just perfect,
in so many different ways.

Copyright © 2001  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.